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Information Retrieval (IR) remains an active, fast-paced area of research. Nevertheless, the majority of advancements in this domain have primarily favored what we might term 'conventional' users, such as English-speaking adults.

We envision the 1st Workshop on Information Retrieval for Under studied Users (IR4U2) as a forum to spotlight efforts that, while sparse, consider diverse, and often understudied, user groups when designing, developing, assessing, and deploying the IR technologies that directly impact them.

We aim to

  1. raising awareness about ongoing efforts focused on IR technologies designed for and used by often understudied user groups;

  2. identifying challenges and open issues impacting this area of research;

  3. igniting discussions to identify common frameworks for future research;

  4. cross-fertilization and community-building by sharing lessons learned gathered from research catering to different audiences by researchers and (industry) practitioners across various disciplines.


1st Workshop on Information Retrieval for Understudied Users

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